Simplify Your Data Collection


GIS & Field Data Management Made Simple

SpatialWorx is a powerful and affordable platform that replaces manual methods of field data collection with a sophisticated, easy to use GIS mapping system.

Using the SpatialWorx cloud-based backend and powerful web console, you can set up projects, import or connect to data from many different sources, build forms, add map layers, and assign users to access that data on maps they open on their Android, iOS or Windows devices. SpatialWorx is built from the ground up to work both on or offline.

SpatialWorx is a SpatialAge solution from Byers Engineering Company that is your ideal, low-cost GIS platform for field data collection.

Get Straight To Building Projects

Why waste precious time and resources setting up and maintaining a complex platform for collecting and managing your location-based data?


Reduce your time and work in the office

Working in your browser, you can set up your data collection projects including map layers, mobile forms, and workflows just the way you need them.


Simplify your work in the field

Get your data collection done with the SpatialWorx mobile app on your Android or iOS device while working in any field condition. Online or offline? You can work productively either way with SpatialWorx.


Protect your information and data assets

Empower your teams, clients, and stakeholders to fully collaborate with the SpatialWorx innovative IoT sync technology and proprietary data adapters. No database or programming skills required to get connected and get the job done.

It's All About the Data

Collecting, maintaining and sharing your location-based data can be a nightmare due to differences in systems, formats, and processes. SpatialWorx can play a vital role in helping you deal with this complexity by seamlessly pulling together data from many diverse sources into a single integrated solution.

Using the SpatialWorx rich media support and its flexibility to structure and model your data in a meaningful way, you can build a comprehensive record of all aspects of your assets or other field data.

  • Import CSV, GeoDB, Google Sheets, KML & SHP files
  • Connect to external databases, WMS/WFS and ArcGIS services
  • Extend external data sources by adding your own attributes
  • Combine data from multiple sources in a single project
  • Use one set of source data for map layers in multiple projects
  • Add rich media (photos, videos, sketches) and parent/child records
  • Update forms/styles on the fly without impacting work inprogress
  • Filter source data to only what is required in the field
  • Trust our secure, scalable cloud platform (SSL/HTTPS encryption)
  • Utilize our API to programmatically query and update your data
  • Continue field work when offline or with an unreliable connection
  • Use fully-supported point, line and polygon geometries

Powerful - Versatile - Secure

We designed SpatialWorx from the ground up to be flexible enough to work for any organization, from the largest enterprises down to the smallest teams, and to integrate seamlessly with your existing artifacts, frameworks, and processes.

With its support for a robust set of data formats, its powerful and easy to use toolset, and its secure / scalable cloud-based platform, SpatialWorx can be an essential component to help you manage your field data collection projects.

Do It Yourself with Minimal Training

Put the power of our DIY project creation console to work. This is the one-stop shop where you manage your account and set up your projects by connecting to or importing data, adding layers, building forms, and managing users.

SpatialWorx requires minimal technical knowledge or training and eliminates the need for you to establish any kind of infrastructure.

  • Create your own projects
  • Load files or connect to remote data sources
  • Drag and drop to build simple or complex forms
  • Design meaningful styles for your point, line and polygon features
  • Apply attribute/area filters to reduce the data on the field devices
  • Assign specific users to your projects
  • Quickly find features and work locations with advanced Search and Bookmark capabilities
  • Add annotations and sketches to augment attribute and media data
  • Ensure fast and accurate data collection with conditional branching, dropdown choices and validations
  • Use Group Update to edit many features with a single action
  • Create, move, edit and delete any new or existing features

Put Your Field Collection in Overdrive

Field operations can be expensive. So you need your crews to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. The SpatialWorx app includes just the right set of tools and capabilities to speed up locate, review and capture, without sacrificing the accuracy, or integrity of your data.

Field users can quickly download one or more projects to their device and continue to work even when disconnected from the network.

Share Your Data and Collaborate

The true power and value of your data can be realized when it is shared within your team and with other teams and systems, either inside or outside your organization.

SpatialWorx provides numerous methods to export, publish, update, and share the data you collect to all project stakeholders.

  • Export data to a wide range of common data types including Image, Shape file, Excel (CSV), HTML and KML
  • Publish maps as web services that others can open or other systems or apps can consume
  • Update external databases or ArcGIS services directly from SpatialWorx

Want to find out more about SpatialWorx ?

Take it for a spin for free for 30 days or learn how it can help you get a handle on all your location based information.

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